Maha Sud 13, Sunday 1 February 2015

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03/02/2015 | Mukutotsav Poonam |

10/02/2015 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Adelaide - Patotsav Celebrations | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Adelaide celebrates its 1st Patotsav. The event will be graced by learned Saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj, who will recite Shree Bhakti Chintamni. Katha commences on Tuesday 10th February with Abhishek on Saturday 14th February from 7:30AM | More info | Read more

15/02/2015 | Vijya Ekadashi | King Yudhistir enquires to Shree Kirshna, "O Prabhu, please enlighten me with the importance of keeping the vrat of Vijya Ekadashi." Lord Shree Krishna replies, "O King, Brahma has explained to Naradji in detail the greatness of Vijya Ekadashi." "Vijay" means victory. One who performs this vrat with full vigour achieves victory in whatever task is undertaken. Lord | Read more

17/02/2015 | Maha Shivratri | Shivaratri falls on the fourteenth day of dark half of every month but this day in Maha is The Great Night of Shiva and is dedicated to his worship. The origin of Shivaratri is attributed to several stories in Hindu mythology. One of the origins traces it back to the churning of the Ocean of milk by Devas (Gods) and Aasuras (demons) to obtain amrita (Nectar giving immortal life) | Read more

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Cardiff Darshan - 31-01-2015

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19/12/2014 | Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute Opening Celebration
Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute opening celebrations were held between Friday 19th December to Sunday 21st December in the presence of H.H Acharya Maharajshri Koshelendraprasadji Maharajshri and Santos from Bhuj Temple. Pictures »


26/11/2014 | Vachnamrut Jayanti
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Vachnamrut Jayanti on Tuesday 26th November 2014 Read more | Pictures »


09/11/2014 | Remembrance Day
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff attended the Remeberance Day which was held on Sunday 9th November 2014 Pictures »


06/11/2014 | Tulsi Vivah
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Tulsi Vivah on Thursday 6th November 2014 Read more | Pictures »


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Shikshapatri Shlock 176

They shall never talk nor hear talks about them nor shall go for bath etc. to places frequented by women.

અને તે સ્‍ત્રીઓની વાર્તા કયારેય ન કરવી અને સાંભળવી અને જે સ્‍થાનકને વિષે સ્‍ત્રીઓનો પગફેર હોય તે સ્‍થાનકને વિષે સ્‍નાનાદિક ક્રિયા કરવા ન જવું.

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Mayaram Bhatt

Mayaram was from Manavadar and was a disciple of Guru Ramanand. He was a Brahmin by caste and displayed all the famed qualities for his caste such as content etc. He was also a celibate and thus chose not to marry. The first contact with Maharaj was when Varni came to Loj. Muktanand Swami instructed Bhattji to take letters written by both Muktanand Swami and Varni to Guru Ramamand Read More »



Navratri starts on Aso Sud Padvo. It lasts for 9 days which are meant for the worship of Shaktimaa (Parvati Devi). Tried of the harassment from Demon Mahishasoor, the Devtas requested Bhrahma, Vishnu and Shivji (Tridevs) Read More »

Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah

Once there was a king by the name of Kushdhavaj. He was a true devotee of God. He had two daughters who were devout Satsangi's, one by the name of Vrunda and another named Vedavanti. From a very young age, both had renounced the material world and were fully devoted to God. Vrunda and Vedavanti decided Read More »

Two Boons

If a follower of the sampraday suffers hardship of getting food and clothes, and has to beg according to his fate, I beg those Hardships befall on me and the satsangi should get food and clothes easily. The meaning of this boon is that if any swaminarayan satsangi find it hard to get food and clothes and have to beg for them. Give them food and clothes for life and make me beg for food Read More »

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj - Nutan Mandir Mahotsav - Katha

Shreemad Satsangi Jivan Katha recital at the Shree NarNarayanDev Nutan Mandir Mahotsav - Bhuj 2010. Vaktas: Swami Narayanmuni Dasji, Swami Shriprakash Dasji, Swami Gaulokvihari Dasji & Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji Read More »