Bhadarvaa Vad 8, 16/09/2014

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19/09/2014 | Indira Ekadashi | Bhadarwa Vadi Ekadashi is called Indira Ekadashi. Upendra and their wife Subhaga are prayed with durva and the fruit of Imli. Offerings of Jalebi and charity of "Kanyadan" is given

23/09/2014 | Darsh Amavaasya |

25/09/2014 | Navratri | Navratri starts on Aso Sud Padvo. It lasts for 9 days which are meant for the worship of Shaktimaa (Parvati Devi). Tried of the harassment from Demon Mahishasoor, the Devtas requested Bhrahma, Vishnu and Shivji (Tridevs) to help them. Shaktimaa was born out of the anger of the Tridevs and fought with the demon for 9 days continuously | Read more

02/10/2014 | Saraswati Poojan |

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Cardiff Darshan - 16-09-2014

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01/09/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff - Patotsav Celebrations
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated their 32nd Patotsav celebrations from Monday 1st September to Sunday 7th September 2014. Watch Playback | View images for: Day 1 : Day 2 : Day 3 : Day 4 : Day 5 : Day 6 : Day 7 : Pictures »


17/08/2014 | Shree Krishna Janmastmi
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Shree Krishna Janmastmi on Sunday 17th August 2014. Read more | Pictures »


26/07/2014 | Swaminarayan League Cup
This year, Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff hosted the Swaminarayan League Cup on Saturday 26th July 2014. Temples from all over UK attended this event. Pictures »


21/07/2014 | Lalji Maharajshri Vrajendraprasadji Maharaj's Birthday Celebrations
Lalji Maharajshri Vrajendraprasadji Maharaj celebrated his 17th birthday celebrations on Monday 21st July 2014. This event was attended by H.H Acharya Maharajshri Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj, Mota Maharajshri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj and Saints from other temples. Pictures »


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Shikshapatri Shlock 56

After the mental worship, the Atma Nivedies shall perform Pooja to an idol made of either stone or metal or to a Shalagrama (a holy black stone), with leaves or flowers etc. that are easily available to them. Then they shall chant the Krishna Mantra of eight syllables.

અને જેતે આત્‍મનિવેદી ભકત તેમણે પાષણની અથવા ધાતુની જે શ્રીકૃષ્‍ણ ભગવાનની પ્રતિમા અથવા શાલિગ્રામ તેની જે પૂજા તે દેશકાળને અનુસરીને પોતાના સામથ્ર્ય પ્રમાણે પ્રાપ્‍ત થયા જે ચંદન પુષ્‍પ ફળાદિક વસ્‍તુ તેણે કરીને કરવી અને પછી શ્રીકૃષ્‍ણ ભગવાનનો જે અષ્‍ટાક્ષર મંત્ર તેનો જપ કરવો.

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Shradd is a period of 15 days when we are required to remember our Ancestors. There is no defined way of observing this period but most people would perform religious duties in the name of their ancestors e.g. by way of a donation or thaad in a temple, then distributing the prasad to Read More »

Menstrual Cycle And Religion

Menstrual Cycle And Religion

Great significance is attached to the menstrual cycle of women in Swaminarayan Dispensation. Since the days of menstruation, are the days of unusual physiological activities and chemical changes in the female body, they are sure to have Read More »

Jiva, Iswar, Maya, Brahm and Parbrahm

Jiva, Iswar, Maya, Brahm and Parbrahm

One who resides in the heart, is alone and subtle, is also all consciousness, is the knower, is pervading all over the body by means of His power and good knowledge and bares characteristics such as indivisible, invulnerability, and it eternality etc. Read More »



Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan held discussions with many devotees about many different religious topics in following villages: Gadhada, Sarangpur, Kariyani, Loya, Panchala, Vadtal, Aslali, Jetalpur and Ahmedabad Read More »

Jaya Ekadashi

Jaya Ekadashi

It states in Padma Puran that keeping the vratt of Jaya Ekadashi earns immense benediction for anyone. The rewards include the fulfilment of desires, destruction of great sins and Read More »